Take customization and capability to a whole new level. Deliver what your competition cannot - astounding artworks quickly and easily.
Take customization and capability to a whole new level. Deliver what your competition cannot - astounding artworks quickly and easily.

Relief Maker Pricing

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Relief Maker

Perfect for everyone
Forever license
Import OBJ, STL and create reliefs
Max output resolution:
1024x1024 pixels
Create reliefs from any orientation
Export OBJ, STL, Depth Map
Guaranteed 3D printable and millable reliefs
Recessed and Raised Reliefs

Relief Maker Pro

For professionals
Forever license
Everything from Relief Maker plus:
Import normal maps
Max output resolution: 16384x16384 pixels
Multi-model import
Create compound recessed reliefs
Export PFM Depth Maps
Access to support

Relief Seller

For those who want to sell digital reliefs, sell relief creation services, or create relief libraries.
Email for a quote
Everything in Relief Maker Pro plus:
Right to sell / distribute digital relief outputs
Personalized support
Multi-user licenses available
Dedicated account manager

Social License

For YouTubers, TikTokers, etc.
Do you make videos?
If you have an online following of at least 1000, or are growing fast, and are willing to make at least 2 videos of your Relief Maker workflow that include creating a physical object via CNC, 3D printing, or other methods, we'll give you a license of Relief Maker Pro for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version should I get?

Relief Maker should be suitable for most personal projects that you would mill or 3D print. If your projects are physically very large, for example 3 feet x 2 feet, then you might want to consider getting Relief Maker Pro so you can output higher resolutions to accommodate the larger sizes.

If you need to bring in multiple models, you will need Relief Maker Pro. You can achieve a similar result in Relief Maker by using another program such as Blender to combine models and then bring them into Relieif Maker as a single model. However, you will not be able to perform per-asset tweaking.

If your use case requires high resolutions such as coins, mold cavities, professional grade woodworking projects or high-res outputs for gaming or CG applications, you should consider Relief Maker Pro.

If you want to sell the digital reliefs, see the next question.

Can I sell the digital relief outputs for example on Etsy, or sell my relief creation services for example on Fiverr, or make a huge online library for free? I want to make money selling tons of digital relief files!

Please contact us to discuss the Relief Seller Edition. Relief Maker Basic and Relief Maker Pro are intended for businesses or individuals who want to manufacture reliefs, for example via CNC or 3D printing or injection mold processes. Or, for artists who want to incorporate digital relief assets into larger CGI production projects. In other words, the relief is just an input to a larger goal, physical or digital. For those use cases, you can create and sell the resulting manufactured good or digital project.

Relief Maker Basic and Relief Maker Pro are not intended for the mass-generation of reliefs to allow you to then resell the digital relief assets as reliefs to the public - in other words where the digital relief output itself is the end goal.

If you are interested in creating or contributing to a marketplace or library of relief outputs, want to mass-produce relief files, offer reliefs as a service (RasS (lol)), offer your customers large libraries of relief files, or other similar activities please contact us at [email protected] and we can figure out an appropriate agreement based on your needs and use case.

What are the system requirements? Does Relief Maker run on Mac/Linux?

Currently Relief Maker will run on Windows platforms, but we're considering versions for other operating systems.

Can I upgrade to a higher version of the software later?

Yes. Just pay the difference in cost.

How do updates work?

When updates come out, you can optionally buy an update for $50 to get the newest version of Relief Maker and for $150 to get the newest version of Relief Maker Pro. Updates are optional.

Do I own the software?

Yes, you own it. You do not have to continue to pay for it.

Does Relief Maker need Internet access?

Relief Maker needs Internet access to license itself. Once licensed, it will need Internet access for a few seconds about once a month in order to start up.

Can I install on multiple computers?

Install on as many computers as you want. You can run it on one computer at a time.

How do I use the reliefs?

There are lots of ways to manufacture the reliefs and to fit them into larger designs. Which methods are most appropriate for you depend on what you're doing and what software you already have for design and machining. See our software guides to learn more.

Any CAM software or 3D printer software can machine an STL file. If you want to incorporate the reliefs into a broader project, check the software guides. These guides do not represent all software on the market, so if you do not see yours check to see if your design software can import STL files or height map images, or ask us.