Take customization and capability to a whole new level. Deliver what your competition cannot - astounding artworks quickly and easily.
Take customization and capability to a whole new level. Deliver what your competition cannot - astounding artworks quickly and easily.

manufacturing-Ready 3D reliefs from any 3D model at any angle

Enhance your products and projects with fully customizable artistic flare - works with the CAD / CAM / CGI software you already use.
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A Simple Workflow

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Import a 3D model

Import one or more OBJ or STL models that you've made yourself, scanned, or found online.

Create a Relief

Create an extremely high quality 3D relief in seconds with the press of a button.

Use in your projects

Use in your existing CAD, CAM, Sculpt, 3D Print, game engine, or CG software.

Relief Maker is Awesome For...

Any project or product that can benefit from highly customizable reliefs - from manufacturing to movie special effects.
Sign Making
Coin Design
Fine Art & Castings
CNC Projects
3D Printing Projects
Game / CG Assets
Mold Cavity Design
Blair-Jennifer King
recommends Relief Maker
It works better than I could have imagined. What would take many hours of modeling could be done in seconds. It's going to be a real game changer for doing custom work on my CNC.
Eric Wehrs
I've played around with it a little bit and I am VERY impressed.We have many different use cases for Relief Maker that excite us.
Azrael Grimm
recommends Relief Maker
This is a game changer in terms of simplifying your pipeline. Useful in every aspect of a makerspace from 3D printing to CNC routing. My mind is blown by the demo in terms of ease of use, support, and knowledge library. Well done!
Buffalo Bullion
Every one don't hesitate on this software. I have been playing around with it for a week or so and I can tell you it puts out better reliefs than the other 3D programs. I will be posting some videos over on my TikTok. Definitely worth the money.
Jim Licaretz
This program is much better at creating reliefs. from pieces in the round than ZBrush or Freeform Modeling Plus!
George Engel
recommends Relief Maker
I am completely bowled over by your program and how it can GREATLY impact my artwork. MUCH BETTER than ZBrush.
Steve  Lucas
So I've been playing around with this software for a couple weeks now and I've got to say that it produces some truly great relief maps. I've been very happy with the results. Currently designing coins for laser engraving using this.
George Lace
With this incredible new Relief Maker program, I am going to transform the full, 'in the round' Medici horse into a mid-height relief which will be ideal for these fire-gilded Jasperware porcelain roundels.
Mark Barr
It is an amazing program. Looking forward to future updates.
Anthony Nowlan
I LOVE this software - makes things so much easier.
As I explore the capabilities of Relief Maker, I am truly impressed by its features and ease of use. The ability to create 3D reliefs for various applications, from CNC to 3D printing, is invaluable.
David Sullivan
I bought the pro version. I have a cnc and a woodworking business and your program looked much better that what’s out there.

Add Reliefs to Your Existing Projects

Works with just about any design, CAM, 3D print, sculpting, game engine, or CG software
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Easily Use Reliefs In Your Software

Import Formats

Normal Maps

Relief Export Formats

Height / Displacement Maps

The Highest Quality Reliefs - Period

We just do reliefs, and we're the best in the world at it.
Relief Maker vs ZBrush for Relief Creation

Transform Your 3D Models Into Artistic Reliefs

3D Model Conversion Tools

Convert 3D model to bas relief
Precise detail preservation
Effortless mesh to relief transformation

Automated Bas Relief Software

One-click bas relief generator
Intuitive design interface
Real-time 3D model preview

Blow Customers' Minds

Offer entire new product lines and customization services with a world of 3D models as your playground.