Take customization and capability to a whole new level. Deliver what your competition cannot - astounding artworks quickly and easily.
Take customization and capability to a whole new level. Deliver what your competition cannot - astounding artworks quickly and easily.

Create High-Quality Reliefs from 3D Models

Enjoy incredible creative freedom while adding gorgeous artistic flair to your existing woodworking, 3D printing, or CG projects.
How to use reliefs in your software

Relief Maker Is Useful For...

Any project or product that can benefit from highly customizable reliefs - from manufacturing to movie special effects.
Sign Making
Coin Design
Fine Art & Home Goods
CNC Projects
3D Printing Projects
Game / CG Assets
Mold Cavity Design

Total Creative Freedom

Create ultra-high-quality reliefs from any angle and position the source 3D model to capture whatever emotion you want to convey - from exciting to respectful to goofy.
Use one model or combine models together as you like. Orient them however you want.
Create reliefs from any angle and choose how much perspective is applied.
Easily set how deep a relief is - feedback is a click away and you can see the new results fast.
Never be stuck with reliefs made by other people again. Make your own exactly like you want from the 3D model you want.

Unparallelled Depth Capture

Capture high-resolution depth into a relief like no other solution on the market.

Manufacturing In Mind

All reliefs are overhang free and settings allow you to fine-tune for your machine.

Infinite Customization

Create reliefs of 3D models from any angle.

Easy to Learn

Make reliefs literally in seconds. Relief Maker only makes reliefs, and it does it very easily.

Raised & Sunken Reliefs

Create mid, low, shallow, and sunken reliefs - or anything in between.

Ridiculous Quality

Relief Maker is unique in its ability to capture the appearance of depth and the feeling of the scene. No other method comes close.

Save Money

Buying "OK-enough" reliefs on Etsy or other marketplaces? Make your own, and they'll be exactly what you want.

Unique in the Market

No other software focuses on reliefs and provides the level of quality and speed as Relief Maker.

Make More Money

You'll be able to offer clients over-the-top cool products that can be customized easily. Your competition simply will not be able to do what you can do - unless they have Relief Maker too.

Advanced Options

Most people won't ever use 80% of the options, but advanced layering, normal map import, and slope inversion allow for interesting effects.

How It Works

It's remarkably easy.

1. Import a 3D model

Import one or more OBJ or STL models that you've made yourself, scanned, or found online.

2. Find your angle

Change the view to find the perfect angle. It's so fast you can do it with clients watching.

3. Tweak some settings

Typically, you'll focus on just 2-3 numbers. There isn't that much to worry about.

4. Press Generate Relief

Reliefs are generated in seconds.

5. Export the relief

Export a height map as a PNG or export an OBJ or STL. Use it in your CAM, CAD, or CG software.

6. Use it in your software

Import the relief into your CAD, CAM, or CG software and use it within your existing and new projects.

Works With Your Workflows

Relief Maker outputs can flow into your existing software like Fusion 360, ZBrush, Blender, or Vectric.
See Software-Specific Tutorials

Bring in Multiple Models

Relief Maker allows you to composite a scene from multiple models.
Individually orient models to get the perfect scene that you're after.
Optionally apply asset-specific settings and treatment styles for the final relief.

Capable of Ludicrous Resolutions

Most people won't ever need a 16,000 x 16,000 resolution heightmap, but hey - you may not be most people. If your manufacturing process, software, and object size support insane resolutions, you can have a 300 DPI heightmap at almost 5 feet across. Note: you may need some serious RAM for huge images.